Gloomy and Unhappy


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Gloomy adjective – Causing or marked by an atmosphere lacking in cheer.
Usage example: the cold rain made for a gloomy day

Unhappy is a synonym for gloomy in blue topic. In some cases you can use "Unhappy" instead an adjective "Gloomy", when it comes to topics like despondent, happy.
Nearby Words: gloom, gloominess, gloomily, gloomed, glooming
Synonyms for Gloomy


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Unhappy adjective – Feeling unhappiness.
Usage example: he's been unhappy ever since his family's move, which took him away from all his friends

Gloomy is a synonym for unhappy in sad topic. You can use "Gloomy" instead an adjective "Unhappy", if it concerns topics such as happy.
Nearby Word: unhappily
Synonyms for Unhappy

Things that words describes

person gloomy person unhappy person
mood gloomy mood unhappy mood
life gloomy life unhappy life
man gloomy man unhappy man
Other nouns: guy, teenager, look, place, crew, series, expression, world, home, teens.

Both words in one sentence

  • Due to an unhappy childhood and Parental Abandonment, she's grown to be gloomy and depressed, somewhat self-centered and very judgmental.
  • An unhappy history and a gloomy personality aren't the only things that make a Sympathetic Sue.
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