Glorious and Magnificent


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Glorious adjective – Large and impressive in size, grandeur, extent, or conception.
Usage example: the advent of the printing press in the West ushered in a glorious new era of learning

Magnificent is a synonym for glorious in splendid topic. In some cases you can use "Magnificent" instead an adjective "Glorious", when it comes to topics like illustrious, adored, lofty, wonderful. popular alternative
Nearby Words: glory, gloriously, gloria, gloried
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Magnificent adjective – Large and impressive in size, grandeur, extent, or conception.
Usage example: a magnificent mansion that still takes away the breath of visitors

Glorious is a synonym for magnificent in splendid topic. You can use "Glorious" instead an adjective "Magnificent", if it concerns topics such as lofty, beautiful, majestic, super. informal substitute
Nearby Word: magnificence
Synonyms for Magnificent

Things that words describes

power glorious power magnificent power
beauty glorious beauty magnificent beauty
scene glorious scene magnificent scene
death glorious death magnificent death
Other nouns: effect, moment, fashion, example, light, hair, empire, nothing, subversion, mane, victory, horse, moustache, city, examples.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Thor: The Dark World There's even a hilarious blatant pair of shots devoted to his magnificent chest and equally glorious back, both glistening with water from a sponge bath.
  • The main hall, the Hall of Valor, is a magnificent palace where the glorious dead drink golden mead, feast on massive boars, and battle for sport.
  • Ian Richardson, worked for the RSC for fifteen years before making glorious infamy as on of fiction's most Magnificent Bastards ala Francis Urquhart.
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