Good-for-nothing and Useless


Good-for-nothing adjective - Having no ambition, success, or value to society.
Usage example: refused to leave anything in his will to his good-for-nothing grandchildren
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Synonyms for Good-for-nothing

Useless is a synonym for good-for-nothing in worthless topic. In some cases you can use "Useless" instead an adjective phrase "Good-for-nothing".


Useless adjective - Not capable of being put to use or account.

Good-for-nothing is a synonym for useless in worthless topic. You can use "Good-for-nothing" instead an adjective "Useless", if it concerns topics such as not working.

Nearby Words: use, useful, uselessly

Both words in one sentence

  • Kurz tends to take the dirtier approach, and insults Sousuke by calling him a stupid, naive, gutless virgin (which Sousuke reacts angrily to mainly because he assumes it's probably an insult), while Sousuke tends to attack Kurz as being a lazy, useless good-for-nothing.
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