Good and Horrible


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Good adjective – Very pleasing to look at.
Usage example: an actress who always looks good on-screen

Horrible is an antonym for good.
Nearby Words: goodness, goodly, goody
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Horrible adjective – Extremely disturbing or repellent.
Good is an antonym for horrible in unpleasant topic.
Nearby Words: horrid, horror, horrify, horribly
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Things that words describes

person good person horrible person
sense good sense horrible sense
life good life horrible life
people good people horrible people
Other nouns: idea, job, stuff, luck, place, effect, time, way, example, game, food, shot, damage, night, father, deeds, scars.

Both words in one sentence

  • He's done both horrible and good things with that power ever since, and he's been on both sides of the conflict and his own side; heck, he even started an order dedicated to using fel magic to kill demons with his demon hunters.
  • Film / Ed Wood So Bad, It's Good/Horrible: In-universe reactions to Ed Wood's work boil down to these two.
  • I Have No Son: Joo Won's horrible, horrible mother reacts this way after her son pairs off wit Ra Im for good.
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