Good and Offensive


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Good adjective – Conforming to a high standard of morality or virtue.
Usage example: good behavior will earn you the respect of others

Offensive is an antonym for good.
Nearby Words: goodness, goodly, goody
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Offensive adjective – Provoking or likely to provoke protest.
Usage example: insensitive, offensive remarks about the plight of the homeless

Good is an antonym for offensive in disrespectful topic.
Nearby Words: offend, offence, offensively
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Similar words of good
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Similar words of offensive
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How words are described

high high good high offensive
single single good single offensive
powerful powerful good powerful offensive
real real good real offensive
Other adjectives: big, little, bad, excellent, main, new, general, last, greatest.

Things that words describes

name good name offensive name
use good use offensive use
way good way offensive way
characters good characters offensive characters
Other nouns: side, weapon, examples.

Both words in one sentence

  • Good Cop/Bad Cop You see, to a serial killer, the goodness of the good cop will come off as offensive.
  • Similar to the Hwacha, it is great for defending your own coastline, but not very good at going on the offensive.
    Source: Stone Wall
  • Making a Splash They are generally veryuseful in the in-game due to their resilient and powerfull nature (excluding Greninja, who instead focuses on abusing his speed and offensive power), the good coverage of Water attacks, and the expansive movepool they usually have to abuse their huge offensive stats.
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