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Wealth is a synonym for goods in property topic. In some cases you can use "Wealth" instead a noun "Goods", when it comes to topics like money.
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Wealth noun – The total of one's money and property.
Goods is a synonym for wealth in property topic. Sometimes you can use "Goods" instead a noun "Wealth", if it concerns topics such as assets, money.
Nearby Words: wealthy, weal, wealthily
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heavy heavy goods heavy wealth
actual actual goods actual wealth
little little goods little wealth
worldly worldly goods worldly wealth
Other adjectives: new, hidden, available, ill-gotten, industrial.

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  • Useful Notes / Johnny Appleseed As he was frequently willing to accept barter goods or credit instead of money, he was never very monetarily wealthy; most of his wealth was in the frontier land that he had claimed as his own.
  • Creator / Karl Marx The Needs of the Many: A huge advocate for this trope, noting that the majority of the people were working poor laborers at that time, he argues that the massive wealth and the goods from the wealthy class (capitalists) should be redistributed among the working class majority.
  • If I Were a Rich Man The third and final part of The Little Golden Calf is actually a deconstruction: even after Bender gets his long-desired wealth, it turns out to be near-useless in the Soviet Union, where he can't be openly rich, while goods and services are mostly gained for government favors, not money.
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