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Governmental adjective – Relating to or dealing with the affairs or structure of government or politics or the state.
Public is a synonym for governmental in society topic. In some cases you can use "Public" instead an adjective "Governmental", when it comes to topics like civil.
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Public adjective – Of or relating to a nation.
Usage example: a trade agreement in the public interest

Governmental is a synonym for public in society topic. You can use "Governmental" instead an adjective "Public", if it concerns topics such as community.
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  • One problem with being a member of the Government Agency of Fiction or of a Covert Group is that, at some point, you need to interact with the public or non-covert governmental agencies.
  • Roleplay / Vapor: A Steampunk Rp Beleaguered Bureaucrat: A complicated class-based governmental system, strong provincial governments, and multiple (often redundant) political entities results in many a over-worked public servant.
  • They can be clandestine or public, governmental or not, and the scope of their powers may vary from fighting some single, specific enemy to being some sort of benevolent Ancient Tradition; the crux of the trope is that if The Hero isn't a member, they'd at least like him to be.
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