Grassland and Savannah


Grassland noun - A broad area of level or rolling treeless country.
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Synonyms for Grassland

Savannah and grassland are semantically related In some cases you can use "Savannah" instead a noun "Grassland".

Nearby Words: grass, grassy, grassed


Savannah noun - A flat grassland in tropical or subtropical regions.
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Synonyms for Savannah

Grassland and savannah are semantically related in flat grassland topic. You can use "Grassland" instead a noun "Savannah".

Nearby Word: savanna

Both words in one sentence

  • Misplaced Wildlife Although real African lions typically live in open grassland and low tree density savannah, it's not unknown for them to live in bush and forest habitats.
  • Misplaced Wildlife It's even more normal for Asiatic lions where mixed open forest(or jungle)/grassland (high tree density savannah) habitat is more normal.
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