Grave and Playful


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Grave adjective – Not joking or playful in mood or manner.
Usage example: when I asked him how his dog was doing, he looked grave and said, “Not good”

Playful is an antonym for grave.
Nearby Words: gravely, gravel, graved, graver, graveled
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Playful adjective – Given to good-natured joking or teasing.
Usage example: the little girl was lighthearted and playful

Grave is an antonym for playful in topics: lively, funny.
Nearby Words: play, played, playfulness, playing, playfully
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Things that words describes

man grave man playful man
accent grave accent playful accent
voice grave voice playful voice
demeanor grave demeanor playful demeanor
Other nouns: spirits.

Both words in one sentence

  • On a much more serious note, Princess Celestia acting nervous and grave when Discord escapes his prison — in contrast to her normal calm and collected, even playful personality — is a big warning sign that Discord is much more dangerous than he looks.
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