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Grave adjective – Having a matter of importance as its topic.
Usage example: leaving gossip and celebrities to other magazines, this journal focuses on the grave issues confronting the nation

Serious is a synonym for grave in important topic. In some cases you can use "Serious" instead an adjective "Grave", when it comes to topics like solemn, characteristic, attitude, help. popular alternative
Nearby Words: gravely, gravel, graved, graver, graveled
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Serious adjective – Not joking or playful in mood or manner.
Usage example: I'm serious when I say that no one should be walking in that neighborhood at night

Grave is a synonym for serious in solemn topic. You can use "Grave" instead the word "Serious" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as important, characteristic, attitude, help. popular alternative
Nearby Words: seriously, seriousness
Synonyms for Serious

Things that words describes

man grave man serious man
matter grave matter serious matter
turn grave turn serious turn
situation grave situation serious situation
Other nouns: story, injury, crime, danger, harm, threat, risk, offense, consequences, repercussions, injuries, wounds, crimes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / Pooh's Grand Adventure Is Serious Business: When Pooh is about to plummet into the gorge with Tigger, Piglet immediately leaps into peril to save him without a moment's hesitation, only a completely serious and grave expression on his face.
  • Film / Abraham Lincoln Historians still aren't sure just how serious Lincoln's thing with Ann Rutledge was, but he probably didn't collapse on her grave during a thunderstorm.
  • There are grave doubts as to his sanity and he is on serious medication for psychiatric purposes.
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