Greedy and Miserly


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Greedy adjective – Having or marked by an eager and often selfish desire especially for material possessions.
Usage example: the greedy exploitation of the land by developers

Miserly is a synonym for greedy in selfish topic. In some cases you can use "Miserly" instead an adjective "Greedy", when it comes to topics like stingy, avaricious, not generous, desiring excessively.
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Miserly adjective – Giving or sharing as little as possible.
Usage example: my brother, who is notoriously miserly, surprised us when he offered to pick up the tab

Greedy is a synonym for miserly in selfish topic. You can use "Greedy" instead an adjective "Miserly", if it concerns topics such as avaricious, not generous, penny-pinching.
Nearby Words: miserable, miserliness, miser
Synonyms for Miserly

Things that words describes

person greedy person miserly person
character greedy character miserly character
man greedy man miserly man
nature greedy nature miserly nature
Other nouns: ass, farmer, king, father, tyrant, miser, ways, tendencies.

Both words in one sentence

  • Brutus is portrayed in a deeply unsympathetic way as a coward, completely under the heel of his mother, a boring pseudointellectual, and both miserly and greedy when it comes to money.
  • But, the king is a miserly and greedy tyrant.
  • Literature / Johannes Cabal the Necromancer Tricked Into Signing: Cabal has one year to get 100 people to sell their souls to the Devil in order to get his own soul back and is shown tricking a miserly and greedy farmer into selling his soul by making the man think he's signing a land contract.
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