Green and Mature


Green adjective - Lacking in adult experience or maturity.
Usage example: a new pitcher who's pretty green, even by rookie standards

Mature is an antonym for green in topics: inexperienced, young.


Mature adjective - Fully grown or developed.
Usage example: I like pears when they're still hard, before they're mature

Green is an antonym for mature in topics: grown-up, adult.

Nearby Words: maturity, matured, maturing, maturely

Both words in one sentence

  • Comic Book / Green Arrow As part of its new "mature readers" line, DC gave writer/artist Mike Grell the chance to reinvent Green Arrow again in The Longbow Hunters mini-series, followed by an ongoing series.
  • They can actually change color, slightly— they are mostly green in a neutral state, mostly orange when is trying to show off as a sexually mature male, and 'greyed out' when angry or scared.
  • Gag Boobs Green Arrow: A little more... mature than you - but I get your point.
    Source: Gag Boobs
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