Group and Rank


Group verb - To arrange or assign according to type.
Usage example: you should first group the invertebrates by genus

Rank is a synonym for group in allocation topic. In some cases you can use "Rank" instead the word "Group" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like class, classify, categorize, characterisitc. popular alternative

Nearby Words: grouping, grouped, groupment


Rank verb - To take or have a certain position within a group arranged in vertical classes.
Usage example: my favorite pitcher ranks first in the league for number of consecutive outs

Group is a synonym for rank in class topic. You can use "Group" instead the word "Rank" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as classify, characterisitc, row, column. popular alternative

Nearby Words: ranking, ranked, ranker

How words are described

full full group full rank
special special group special rank
particular particular group particular rank
similar similar group similar rank
Other adjectives: specific, certain, current, original, single, powerful, actual, real, social, new, former, final, military, titular, next, last, different, previous.

Common collocations

name group name rank name
times group times rank times
masks group masks rank masks
nerds group nerds rank nerds

Both words in one sentence

  • Like at any high school, there were those who fit into more than one group, with a different rank depending on the category and several subcategories.
  • Rank Inflation Strider Hiryu, the protagonist, is one of the Special-A Class Striders (the elites and the only members allowed to wield the group's signature Cypher blades) and is distinguished among his peers for being the youngest to attain such a rank.
  • Everyone in a certain group — usually of a certain rank or graduating class — is rated based on performance, and put in order from best to worst.
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