Grouse and Murmur


Grouse verb - To express dissatisfaction, pain, or resentment usually tiresomely.
Usage example: hasn't stopped grousing since we started this vacation

Murmur is a synonym for grouse. In some cases you can use "Murmur" instead the word "Grouse" as a verb or a noun.

Nearby Words: grousing, groused, grouser


Murmur noun - An expression of dissatisfaction, pain, or resentment.
Usage example: finished the tedious job without a murmur

Grouse is a synonym for murmur in complaint topic. You can use "Grouse" instead the word "Murmur" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as complain, grumble.

Nearby Words: murmured, murmuring, murmurous
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