Grow and Shrink


Grow verb - To look after or assist the growth of by labor and care.

Shrink is an antonym for grow in topics: develop, evolve.

Nearby Words: growth, growing, grown, grower


Shrink verb - To become smaller in size or volume through the drawing together of particles of matter.
Usage example: the sweater will shrink a little when washed

Grow is an antonym for shrink in topics: decrease, recoil, become smaller.

Nearby Words: shrinking, shrinkage

Common collocations

people grow people shrink people
thanks grow thanks shrink thanks
size grow size shrink size
head grow head shrink head
Other words: population, wings, heads, breasts.

Both words in one sentence

  • Rita "Elasti-girl" Farr can grow or shrink to any size, and grow her limbs to be different sizes... but had zero control over it, wrecking her movie career.
  • Power-Up Food Similarly, the mushroom that makes Alice grow or shrink, depending on which side is eaten.
    Source: Power-Up Food
  • Comicbook / Convergence And Ray Palmer, though he could not shrink or grow as the Atom, still had a superpower in his book; albeit with only the nigh-useless ability to make one of his hands grow very large.
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