Grumbler and Moaner


Grumbler noun - A person who makes frequent complaints usually about little things.
Usage example: how can you be such a grumbler when so much in your life is going well?
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Synonyms for Grumbler

Moaner is a synonym for grumbler in grouch topic. In some cases you can use "Moaner" instead a noun "Grumbler". popular alternative

Nearby Words: grumble, grumbling, grumbled


Moaner noun - A person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining.
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Synonyms for Moaner

Grumbler is a synonym for moaner in complainer topic. You can use "Grumbler" instead a noun "Moaner", if it concerns topics such as grouch, malcontent, whiner, person who complains a lot. popular alternative

Nearby Words: moan, moaned, moaning
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