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Happily adverb – In a cheerful or happy manner.
Usage example: happily accepted the invitation to dinner

Merrily is a synonym for happily in pleasure topic. In some cases you can use "Merrily" instead an adverb "Happily", when it comes to topics like carelessly, willingly, joyfully, cheerfully. popular alternative
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Merrily adverb – In a cheerful or happy manner.
Usage example: our coworker merrily announced that it was her birthday, so we felt obligated to treat her to lunch

Happily is a synonym for merrily in carelessly topic. You can use "Happily" instead an adverb "Merrily", if it concerns topics such as willingly, joyfully, cheerfully, gaily. popular alternative
Nearby Words: merry, Merri
Synonyms for Merrily

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  • Video Game / The Adventures of Lomax It can be heartwarming to see them happily run away and then float away on their umbrellas... until you reach the levels with water and then see them merrily jump into water and drown themselves immediately after rescuing.
  • In White Collar, Peter Burke and his wife Elizabeth are Happily Married, to the point that, when Peter has to go undercover and flirt with a mark, he worries that Elizabeth will be jealous—and she usually laughs merrily at the thought of him cheating.
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