Happiness and Sorrow


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Happiness noun – A feeling or state of well-being and contentment.
Usage example: her happiness was complete when she got her very own house

Sorrow is an antonym for happiness in topics: pleasure, unhappiness, high spirits.
Nearby Words: happy, happily
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Sorrow noun – Deep sadness especially for the loss of someone or something loved.
Usage example: he felt great sorrow at the loss of his beloved dog

Happiness is an antonym for sorrow in topics: grief, joy.
Nearby Words: sorry, sorrowful, sorrowed, sorrowing, sorrowfully
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Similar words of happiness
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Similar words of sorrow
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How words are described

human human happiness human sorrow
pure pure happiness pure sorrow
endless endless happiness endless sorrow
genuine genuine happiness genuine sorrow
Other adjectives: sheer, deep, obvious, real, great, intense, little, absolute, national, apparent, eternal, overwhelming.

Both words in one sentence

  • Body to Jewel In rare cases, a muggle experiencing powerful sorrow or happiness can make this happen by virtue of their incredibly intense emotions.
    Source: Body to Jewel
  • Film / Cinderella (2015) The woman is clearly dumbfounded that Ella was able to retain her happiness and kindness despite experiencing great sorrow, something the narration earlier said Lady Tremaine was incapable of.
  • Synopsis: This is the tale of a miko and hanyou who wanted only each other, a rare and innocent love betrayed, and the time Midoriko's jewel came so very close to finally granting happiness instead of sorrow...
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