Harsh and Merciless


Harsh adjective - Given to exacting standards of discipline and self-restraint.
Usage example: a harsh judge when it comes to drug users and especially drug dealers

Merciless is a synonym for harsh in grim topic. In some cases you can use "Merciless" instead an adjective "Harsh", when it comes to topics like cruel.

Nearby Words: harshness, harshly


Merciless adjective - Having or showing a lack of sympathy or tender feelings.
Usage example: she is a merciless competitor at board games of any kind

Harsh is a synonym for merciless in mean topic. You can use "Harsh" instead an adjective "Merciless", if it concerns topics such as grim, cruel, ruthless.

Nearby Words: merciful, mercilessly, mercifully

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Hard West Crapsack World: As befitting the title of the game, life in the west is shown as harsh and merciless with murder, crime and corruption being commonplace alongside supernatural evils.
  • Anime / Osomatsu-san Harsh Word Impact: Todomatsu is absolutely merciless when he tells his brothers that he doesn't want them to come anywhere close into Sutabaa.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Angel Dust is a harsh, ruthless, and merciless mare at the head of the OPP corporation.
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