Hateful and Nice


Hateful adjective - Having or showing a desire to cause someone pain or suffering for the sheer enjoyment of it.
Usage example: the girl's classmates were bullying her online, sending her hateful e-mails and text messages

Nice is an antonym for hateful in nasty topic.

Nearby Words: hate, hated, hatefully, hater


Nice adjective - Giving pleasure or contentment to the mind or senses.
Usage example: a cool glass of lemonade sure would be nice

Hateful is an antonym for nice.

Nearby Words: nicety, nicely

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / American Horror Story: Freak Show Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: When police come looking for Detective Bunch, Jimmy decides to kill two birds with one stone and frame his hateful father by hiding Bunch's badge in his tent.
  • Noonan says that most fat people are generally nice, but the Evil Little Fat Folks are naturally hateful (especially toward people who are physically fit) and bent on world domination.
  • Parodied and subverted in one episode where Jordan declared several times that "My parents were mean to me" when she was bugged for the hateful things she did, and eventually admitted that they were actually very nice and supportive.
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