Healthy and Psychotic


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Healthy adjective – Enjoying health and vigor.
Psychotic is an antonym for healthy.
Nearby Words: heal, health, healthful, healing, healthiness
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Psychotic adjective – Having or showing a very abnormal or sick state of mind.
Usage example: the identity of the psychotic murderer known as the Zodiac Killer remains an intriguing puzzle

Healthy is an antonym for psychotic in mentally deranged topic.
Nearby Words: psyche, psychic, psychopathic, psychical, psychosis
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Things that words describes

person healthy person psychotic person
girl healthy girl psychotic girl
character healthy character psychotic character
man healthy man psychotic man
Other nouns: people, boy, men, way, side, child, women.

Both words in one sentence

  • Cold Sniper Saito of Ghost in the Shell, although he's more 'professional' than 'psychotic' and appears to be no less mentally healthy than the rest of Section 9.
    Source: Cold Sniper
  • Most aliens in the Marvel universe regard humans as psychotic and primitive cave men, while having a healthy respect/fear for what they're capable of.
  • Weirdness Censor In Stephen King's IT miniseries, despite the fact that Derry has had far, far more child deaths, arsons, psychotic breaks, and industrial accidents than is healthy for a small town, no one notices it's out of the ordinary because It does something to the townspeople.
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