Heap and Mountain


Heap noun - A considerable amount.
Usage example: you're in a heap of trouble for missing curfew!

Mountain is a synonym for heap in pile topic. In some cases you can use "Mountain" instead a noun "Heap", when it comes to topics like order, mass, load, big. informal substitute

Nearby Words: heaped, heaping


Mountain noun - A considerable amount.
Usage example: receives a mountain of mail every year for the holidays

Heap is a synonym for mountain in order topic. You can use "Heap" instead a noun "Mountain", if it concerns topics such as great deal, mass, big, very large hill. popular alternative

How words are described

old old heap old mountain
high high heap high mountain
dead dead heap dead mountain
single single heap single mountain
Other adjectives: small, entire, massive, large, enormous, huge, vast, shaped, walking, literal, available, giant, resulting, gargantuan.

Both words in one sentence

  • Videogame Geography Although the Dutch consider some areas to be "mountainous", just being a 6 meter high heap of sand makes you eligible to be called a mountain and even get your own page on The Other Wiki.
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