Heat and Warmth


Heat noun - Depth of feeling.
Usage example: informed the doctor, with considerable heat, that she had been kept waiting for three hours

Warmth is a synonym for heat in passion topic. In some cases you can use "Warmth" instead a noun "Heat", when it comes to topics like hot weather, feeling, abandon, anger. popular alternative

Nearby Words: heated, heating, heater


Warmth noun - The quality or state of being moderate in temperature.
Usage example: the cozy warmth of the inn's parlor was a welcome relief from the wintry weather outside

Heat is a synonym for warmth in feeling topic. You can use "Heat" instead a noun "Warmth", if it concerns topics such as abandon, state, excite, gentle radiance. popular alternative

Nearby Words: warm, warmly, warmer, warming

How words are described

old old heat old warmth
good good heat good warmth
actual actual heat actual warmth
real real heat real warmth
Other adjectives: great, little, extra.

Both words in one sentence

  • Animal Assassin Although this could be justified, as these critters are cold-blooded and may seek heat/warmth.
  • It could be anything from eating, "waste excrement", heat/warmth, sleep, breathing or even companionship (we're talking an entire lifetime of complete isolation here, not just being The Stoic).
    Source: The Needless
  • Power of the Void For example, using the Cold Wind Pit robs the victim from the ability to breathe, Pyre-Flame Pit makes the victim unable to draw warmth from any heat source, Passion Pit sends the victim into a Despair Event Horizon.
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