Heaven and Rapture


Heaven noun - A state of overwhelming usually pleasurable emotion.
Usage example: she was in heaven the day she learned she was one of the finalists for the science scholarship

Rapture is a synonym for heaven in happiness topic. In some cases you can use "Rapture" instead a noun "Heaven", when it comes to topics like happy, ecstasy, wonderful feeling. popular alternative

Nearby Words: heave, heavenly, heavenward


Rapture noun - A state of overwhelming usually pleasurable emotion.
Usage example: in The Nutcracker Clara gazes in rapture as the Christmas tree grows before her very eyes

Heaven is a synonym for rapture in happy topic. You can use "Heaven" instead a noun "Rapture", if it concerns topics such as extreme happiness and delight in something. popular alternative

How words are described

true true heaven true rapture
single single heaven single rapture
false false heaven false rapture
Christian Christian heaven Christian rapture

Both words in one sentence

  • During church, many characters, including Steve and Haley, are ascended into heaven during the Rapture, where it's revealed that everyone gets a personalized Heaven.
  • Fluffy Cloud Heaven Internet fan art depicts him in Heaven, in costume, delivering a flying elbow slam to an unsuspecting Jesus before he can rapture the people of Earth.
  • Video Game / BioShock Nitrogen narcosis, a psychological condition occasionally experienced by deep-sea divers, is often called "rapture of the deep." Christian belief in the end-times event called The Rapture, which canonically is followed by a thousand-year period of heaven on Earth.
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