Heavy and Light


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Heavy adjective – Having great weight.
Usage example: this trunk full of books is much too heavy for one person to lift

Light is an antonym for heavy in topics: considerable, onerous, weighty, difficult, listless.
Nearby Words: heave, heavyweight, heaviness, heaved, heavily
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Light adjective – Having little weight.
Usage example: the suitcase was as light as a feather after all the clothes were removed

Heavy is an antonym for light in topics: insubstantial, simple, blond, funny, content.
Nearby Words: lighten, lightweight, lightly, lightness, lighted
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Things that words describes

fire heavy fire light fire
weight heavy weight light weight
voice heavy voice light voice
damage heavy damage light damage
Other nouns: armor, gun, artillery, cruiser, sleeper, cavalry, pistol, objects, units, weapons, vehicles, guns, cruisers.

Both words in one sentence

  • Medium armor in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind doesn't get any of the goodies that light and heavy get and without the expansions (where it is still weak) doesn't get a set comparable to last tiers of light/heavy armor.
  • Corollarily, instrumentals and songs with little to no audible vocals are just as heavy or light as songs with vocals.
  • Video Game / Last Scenario Armor and Magic Don't Mix: Armor is split into light and heavy variants; casters such as Thorve can only wear light armor.
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