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Heir noun – A person who has the right to inherit property.
Son and heir are semantically related In some cases you can use "Son" instead a noun "Heir". popular alternative
Nearby Words: heiress, heirdom
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Son noun – A male human offspring.
Heir and son are semantically related in offspring topic. You can use "Heir" instead a noun "Son", if it concerns topics such as male child. popular alternative
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old old heir old son
perfect perfect heir perfect son
future future heir future son
original original heir original son
Other adjectives: handsome, legitimate, actual, real, living, young, illegitimate, new, elder, remaining, last, surviving, teenage, adopted, favored, biological, eldest, younger, oldest, unborn, youngest.

Both words in one sentence

  • In Ladylord, the baby Sen-Ya is believed to be the long-desired son and heir of First Lord Yassai, but is not actually Yassai's son.
  • Arranged Marriage Duke: When you were a prattling babe of six months old you were married by proxy to no less a personage than the infant son and heir of His Majesty the immeasurably wealthy King of Barataria!
  • Useful Notes / Other Royal Families He would die exiled in Madeira, although his son/heir Otto (noted for holding a seat in the European Parliament from Germany and being an advocate for European integration) would live on until 2011.
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