Herb and Plant


Herb noun - A plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests.
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Synonyms for Herb

Plant is a synonym for herb. In some cases you can use "Plant" instead a noun "Herb".

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Plant noun - A building or set of buildings for the manufacturing of goods.

Herb is a synonym for plant in flower topic. You can use "Herb" instead a noun "Plant", if it concerns topics such as organism belonging to the vegetable kingdom.

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Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Loyal Enemies They can also smell whether a plant or herb has any medical properties, and what those are.
  • Series / Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger Because he uses three colours in his paintings, his monsters are mishmashes of three elements: a creature, a plant/herb, and a machine.
  • Plant Person Herb Moss in Secrets of Spring by Piers Anthony is a member of a genetically engineered plant race, one of three such sentient races on his planet.
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