Heretical and Unorthodox


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Heretical adjective – Deviating from commonly accepted beliefs or practices.
Usage example: the belief that women should be allowed to have careers outside the home was once considered heretical

Unorthodox is a synonym for heretical in controversial topic. In some cases you can use "Unorthodox" instead an adjective "Heretical", when it comes to topics like dissident. popular alternative
Nearby Words: heresy, heretic
Synonyms for Heretical


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Unorthodox adjective – Deviating from commonly accepted beliefs or practices.
Usage example: a time when people with unorthodox religious views were banished from the colony

Heretical is a synonym for unorthodox in abnormal topic. You can use "Heretical" instead an adjective "Unorthodox", if it concerns topics such as heterodox. popular alternative
Synonyms for Unorthodox

Things that words describes

way heretical way unorthodox way
version heretical version unorthodox version
beliefs heretical beliefs unorthodox beliefs
ideas heretical ideas unorthodox ideas
Other nouns: movements, sects.

Both words in one sentence

  • But the "good guys" have them too - there are many cults dedicated to the Emperor in unorthodox but non-heretical ways, while Space Marine Chapters tend to incorporate their Primarch or the beliefs of their homeworld into their religious practices.
    Source: Cult
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