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Heritage noun – An inherited or established way of thinking, feeling, or doing.
Usage example: hospitality is a cherished Southern heritage

Legacy is a synonym for heritage in inheritance topic. In some cases you can use "Legacy" instead a noun "Heritage", when it comes to topics like affect, estate, tradition, owned. popular alternative
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Legacy noun – Something that is or may be inherited.
Usage example: the old locket was part of the legacy from my great-great-grandmother

Heritage is a synonym for legacy in affect topic. You can use "Heritage" instead a noun "Legacy", if it concerns topics such as estate, inheritance, bequest, owned. popular alternative
Synonyms for Legacy

How words are described

old old heritage old legacy
musical musical heritage musical legacy
special special heritage special legacy
noble noble heritage noble legacy
Other adjectives: true, great, evil, cultural, ancestral, magical, colorful, genetic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Unwanted Harem Hell, Fleur Delacour ends up with a large number of admirers, legacy of her Veela heritage.
  • King Incognito Tavi starts out as a Secret Legacy, but is finally told the truth about his heritage early in the fourth book.
  • Synopsis: In Connie Parallel, a girl learns to live with her heritage as a human-Gem hybrid and try to live up to her mother's legacy as a fearless leader while she slowly learns more about the three Gems she lives with.
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