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Hero noun – A person who is the object of extreme or uncritical devotion.
Rat is an antonym for hero.
Nearby Words: heroic, heroine, heroism, heroically
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Rat noun – A person whose behavior is offensive to others.
Usage example: no one can understand what she finds appealing in a rat like him

Hero is an antonym for rat.
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How words are described

beloved beloved hero beloved rat
old old hero old rat
female female hero female rat
normal normal hero normal rat
Other adjectives: average, original, dead, single, actual, real, little, bad, black, former, last, comic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Comic Book / Rat-Man Rat-Man usually substitutes the hero in the cover.
  • You Dirty Rat Consequently, if a cat is chasing a mouse, the cat is almost always the villain; if the cat is chasing a rat, he's almost always the hero.
    Source: You Dirty Rat
  • You Dirty Rat In particular, Justin is a hero who is designed to be as dashingly handsome as one can make a rat and still be recognizable as such.
    Source: You Dirty Rat
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