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Hide verb – To remain out of sight.
Usage example: he hid in the closet while his roommate lied to the probation officer

Sneak and hide are semantically related in skulk topic. In some cases you can use "Sneak" instead a verb "Hide".
Nearby Words: hideous, hiding, hideously, hided
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Sneak verb – To move about in a sly or secret manner.
Hide and sneak are semantically related in skulk topic. Sometimes you can use "Hide" instead a verb "Sneak", if it concerns topics such as move stealthily.
Nearby Words: sneaky, sneaking, sneaked, sneaker
Synonyms for Sneak

How words are described

original original hide original sneak
little little hide little sneak
black black hide black sneak

Common collocations

body hide body sneak body
equipment hide equipment sneak equipment
time hide time sneak time
way hide way sneak way
Other nouns: money, head, corpse, past, weapon, gun, weapons.

Both words in one sentence

  • Alone with the Psycho Depending on the way the player, um, plays, the main options are for the journalist to hide and sneak out, just plain sneak out, get found but escape, and die.
  • Stealth-Based Game: A game in which the player character must hide and sneak through the level while avoiding notice from much more powerful enemies that the player character cannot take head-on.
  • Enforced by plot in Alien: Isolation, thanks to the addition of non-xenomorph enemies and actual weapons combined with the retention of the originally planned "sneak and hide focused" Survival Horror gameplay.
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