Hide and Voice


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Hide verb – To put into a hiding place.
Voice is an antonym for hide.
Nearby Words: hideous, hiding, hideously, hided
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Voice verb – To make known (as an idea, emotion, or opinion).
Hide is an antonym for voice in put into words topic.
Nearby Words: voiced, voiceless, voicing
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Similar words of hide
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Similar words of voice
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How words are described

full full hide full voice
soft soft hide soft voice
similar similar hide similar voice
normal normal hide normal voice
Other adjectives: original, powerful, little, mysterious.

Common collocations

face hide face voice face
feelings hide feelings voice feelings
emotions hide emotions voice emotions
thoughts hide thoughts voice thoughts
Other nouns: weapons.

Both words in one sentence

  • The titular Mr Young spends the episode about her singing trying to either improve her voice or hide it.
    Source: Giftedly Bad
  • Video Game / Bravely Default Airy and her sister have the same voice actor, to hide the fact that they're actually different characters.
  • We Can Rebuild Him Since the same actor portrayed both characters, with no attempt to hide his voice, it's obvious to everyone who watches.
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