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Hilarious adjective – Causing or intended to cause laughter.
Usage example: the clown's hilarious antics

Witty is a synonym for hilarious in amusing topic. In some cases you can use "Witty" instead an adjective "Hilarious", when it comes to topics like very funny.
Nearby Words: hilarity, hilariously, Hilary, Hilaria
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Witty adjective – Given to or marked by mature intelligent humor.
Hilarious is a synonym for witty. You can use "Hilarious" instead an adjective "Witty".
Nearby Words: wit, witting, witticism, wittily, wittingly
Synonyms for Witty

Things that words describes

manner hilarious manner witty manner
character hilarious character witty character
humor hilarious humor witty humor
turn hilarious turn witty turn
Other nouns: line, way, commentary, joke, dialogue, parody, comedy, lines, stories, jokes, comments.

Both words in one sentence

  • Comments: A hilarious and witty fic - absurd at times, and with a very post-modernist feel.
  • While YuYu Hakusho was one of Funimation's first anime dubs to not extensively change the original dialogue (like in Dragonball Z) and keep the heart of the original, some of the blander dialogue was replaced with witty and hilarious one liners especially for Yusuke and Hiei e.g.
    Source: Gag Dub
  • The dialogue is witty, the story is alternately hilarious and touching, everyone is perfectly in-character, and the author has a great flair for making conversations and events flow smoothly.
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