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History noun – The events or experience of former times.
Usage example: history has many lessons to teach us, if only we would listen

Past is a synonym for history in time topic. In some cases you can use "Past" instead a noun "History", when it comes to topics like background, happen, antiquity, experiences. popular alternative
Nearby Words: historic, historical, historically, historian
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Past noun – The events or experience of former times.
Usage example: we spent a pleasant evening recalling the past together

History is a synonym for past in time topic. You can use "History" instead a noun "Past", if it concerns topics such as background, happen, antiquity, former times. popular alternative
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How words are described

good good history good past
full full history full past
long long history long past
similar similar history similar past
Other adjectives: complex, future, true, medieval, romantic, actual, entire, real, violent, bad, sordid, tragic, sexual, criminal, personal, secret, ancient, new, bloody, shared, military, fictional, alternate, recent.

Both words in one sentence

  • The inner story is about Ignacio's past and history with Father Manolo and his time as a transvestite.
  • Yuri thinks that she's changing the past in ways that it shouldn't, but her being sent back is what resulted in the events of history as it's known in her original time.
  • It ends with our history being created by a change in the past, when the time-traveling protagonists derail the sequence of events that would have led to the founding of Eternity.
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