Hoard and Waste


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Hoard verb – To put (something of future use or value) in a safe or secret place.
Usage example: he's been hoarding empty yogurt containers all winter, with the intention of using them to start seedlings in the spring

Waste is an antonym for hoard in put away topic.
Nearby Words: hoarded, hoarding, hoarder
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Waste verb – To use up carelessly.
Usage example: he wasted his lottery winnings on booze-soaked nights with gold diggers

Hoard is an antonym for waste in topics: ruin, dwindle.
Nearby Words: wasted, wasting, wasteful, wastage, wastefulness
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Similar words of hoard
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Similar words of waste
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How words are described

massive massive hoard massive waste
big big hoard big waste
huge huge hoard huge waste
gigantic gigantic hoard gigantic waste
Other adjectives: accumulated.

Common collocations

power hoard power waste power
amount hoard amount waste amount
resources hoard resources waste resources
money hoard money waste money
Other nouns: supplies, paper, magic, items, ammo, lives.

Both words in one sentence

  • There, it is played very literally — what looks like a hoard of golden spheres is actually dangerous toxic waste causing Rapid Aging in anyone touching it.
  • Rapid Aging A "Tiger Sharks" episode of The Comic Strip is centered around what looks like a hoard of golden spheres, but is actually dangerous toxic waste causing Rapid Aging in anyone touching it.
    Source: Rapid Aging
  • Young sorcerers tend to waste their power on extravagant, flashy effects while older, more experienced sorcerers hoard their magic to preserve the time they have left.
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