Hog and Pig


Hog noun - One who eats greedily or too much.
Usage example: if I had known that my guests were going to be such hogs, I would have prepared twice as much food
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Synonyms for Hog

Pig is a synonym for hog in animal topic. In some cases you can use "Pig" instead a noun "Hog", when it comes to topics like glutton, wild boar, porc. popular alternative


Pig noun - One who eats greedily or too much.
Usage example: all-you-can-eat buffets seem to encourage some people to become shameless pigs
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Synonyms for Pig

Hog is a synonym for pig in animal topic. You can use "Hog" instead a noun "Pig", if it concerns topics such as wild boar, porc, slob, greedy pig. popular alternative

Nearby Words: piglet, pigskin, pigling

How words are described

greedy greedy hog greedy pig
complete complete hog complete pig
fat fat hog fat pig
true true hog true pig
Other adjectives: dead, real, giant.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / The Mission The Guaran√≠ are seen hunting a collared peccary, which could easily be mistaken as a wild hog or pig for common viewers, and offer it to Mendoza to kill it, but he refuses.
  • Cool Guns / Machine Guns The weight earned it the nicknames "pig" and "hog" in Vietnam, and attempts to reduce the weapon's weight resulted in the even less well-received M60E3 version.
  • Video Game / Descent Continuing the pig references, most of the data files in the first two games have extensions such as .HOG, .PIG, .SOW, and .HAM.
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