Hog and Sow


Hog noun - One who eats greedily or too much.
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Synonyms for Hog

Sow is a synonym for hog in pig topic. In some cases you can use "Sow" instead a noun "Hog", when it comes to topics like animal. popular alternative


Sow noun - An adult female hog.
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Synonyms for Sow

Hog is a synonym for sow in animal topic. You can use "Hog" instead a noun "Sow", if it concerns topics such as pig. popular alternative

Nearby Words: sowed, sown, sower, sowing

Common collocations

amounts hog amounts sow amounts

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Upstream Color Jeff begins to fight and Kris starts to break down in their respective surroundings at the same time that a hog and sow are separated from their piglets.
  • Video Game / Descent Continuing the pig references, most of the data files in the first two games have extensions such as .HOG, .PIG, .SOW, and .HAM.
  • Literature / Heimskringla aka: King Haralds Saga Modest Royalty: When Olaf Haraldsson returns from his viking trips, he finds his stepfather King Sigurd Syrnote¬†The nickname means "sow" and probably comes from him 'digging the earth' like a hog (= being a farmer).
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