Hold and Share


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Hold verb – To have or keep in one's hands.
Share is an antonym for hold.
Nearby Words: holding, holder, holdback
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Share verb – To take a share or part.
Hold is an antonym for share in use in common with others topic.
Nearby Words: shared, sharing, sharer, shareholder, shareable
Antonyms for Share
Similar words of hold
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Similar words of share
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How words are described

close close hold close share
old old hold old share
good good hold good share
better better hold better share
Other adjectives: original, many, single, small, entire, massive, large, big, huge, tiny, main, new, former, remaining, last, increasing, biggest.

Common collocations

opinion hold opinion share opinion
view hold view share view
power hold power share power
number hold number share number
Other nouns: time, world, title, ammo, feelings, secrets, views.

Both words in one sentence

  • Free-Fall Romance Instead of panicking, they will probably hold hands while falling and share a heartwarming moment.
  • Video Game / The 3rd Birthday Hold the Line: This one has more than its share of situations where you simply have to survive until reinforcements arrive.
  • Campfire Character Exploration The fifth episode of Agent Carter has the Howling Commandos, Peggy, and the other SSR agents hold a campfire and share war stories before their mission.
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Antonyms for share
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