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Lose is an antonym for hold on to.
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Lose verb – To be unable to find or have at hand.
Hold on to is an antonym for lose in topics: escape, mislay, be defeated.
Nearby Words: loser, losing
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Both terms in one sentence

  • The Republicans were only expected to hold on to the 30 governorships they controlled, and probably lose at least a couple.
  • Comicbook / Daredevil Having nothing more to hold on to means that he has nothing to lose.Kingpin: A man without hope... is a man without fear.
  • Since souls are easier to hold on to (run into them) then they are to steal (a minute long ritual just to get them on their way to your altar for another ritual to convert them) the game maintains a strange sort of stalemate...at least until you lose one bad fight.
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