Hollow and Meaningful


Hollow adjective - Curved inward.

Meaningful is an antonym for hollow in topics: worthless, deep, empty, false, meaningless.

Nearby Words: hollowed, hollowing, hollowly


Meaningful adjective - Having a meaning or purpose.
Usage example: a meaningful discussion

Hollow is an antonym for meaningful.

Nearby Words: meaning, meaningless, meaningly

Both words in one sentence

  • Meaningful Echo: The strip for the Sleepy Hollow season 1 cliffhanger has word-for-word the same dialogue as the strip for the Angel season 3 cliffhanger, highlighting the similarities between the cliffhangers themselves.
  • Meaningful Name: Hollow Ichigo is named Hakuran, which means "white storm." Meaningful Rename: Although, there is a strong implication that Hakuran knows he's Ichigo's true zanpakutou, meaning he allowed himself to be renamed.
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