Horrible and Terrifying


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Horrible adjective – Extremely disturbing or repellent.
Usage example: a horrible car accident that left eyewitnesses in a state of shock

Terrifying is a synonym for horrible in unpleasant topic. In some cases you can use "Terrifying" instead an adjective "Horrible", when it comes to topics like terrible.
Nearby Words: horrid, horror, horrify, horribly
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Terrifying adjective – Causing fear.
Usage example: heard a terrifying noise coming from the next room

Horrible is a synonym for terrifying in frightening topic. You can use "Horrible" instead an adjective "Terrifying".
Nearby Words: terrify, terrified
Synonyms for Terrifying

Both words in one sentence

  • Eldritch Location Possibly subverted, as the... things that come out of the car seem to find humans just as horrible and terrifying as we find them.
  • From this, one can gather that the demons are required to curse whoever lets them out, but found a loophole that allows them to give beneficial curses as long as they pretend it's something terrifying and horrible.
  • Western Animation / Superman vs. the Elite Superman at the end seemingly uses the exact same solution onto them, showing them just how utterly terrifying and horrible that way of thinking is, especially coming from someone as pure and good as Superman when he does it.
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