House and Habitation


House noun - The place where one lives.
Usage example: come over to my house for supper so I can show off my new stove

Habitation is a synonym for house in home topic. In some cases you can use "Habitation" instead a noun "House", when it comes to topics like residence, address, protection, building. formal substitute


Habitation noun - The place where one lives.
Usage example: even though they spend most of their time at their condo in Florida, they still consider their farmhouse in Nebraska their permanent habitation
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Synonyms for Habitation

House is a synonym for habitation in residence topic. You can use "House" instead a noun "Habitation", if it concerns topics such as address, protection, place, dwelling. popular alternative

Nearby Words: habitat, habited, habitant, habitable, habiting

How words are described

human human house human habitation
safe safe house safe habitation
former former house former habitation
local local house local habitation
Other adjectives: giant.
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