House and Residence


House noun - The place where one lives.
Usage example: come over to my house for supper so I can show off my new stove

Residence is a synonym for house in home topic. In some cases you can use "Residence" instead a noun "House", when it comes to topics like habitation, address, protection, abode. formal substitute


Residence noun - The place where one lives.
Usage example: police stopped by his residence to question him
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Synonyms for Residence

House is a synonym for residence in home topic. You can use "House" instead a noun "Residence", if it concerns topics such as address, protection, place, abode. popular alternative

How words are described

human human house human residence
old old house old residence
ordinary ordinary house ordinary residence
complete complete house complete residence
Other adjectives: current, original, single, empty, small, entire, real, large, main, isolated, famous, grand, new, abandoned, former, ramshackle, royal, imperial, last, nearby.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / Space Goofs Their main tasks are to chase away anybody who takes residence in the old house and try to get back home.
  • The Kelly residence also varied in that the home office was at the front of the house, putting the front door towards the center.
  • Comic Strip / Get Fuzzy This, in and of itself can be considered Negative Continuity: for the most part, the interior of their residence looks like that of an apartment building in the city, however on the outside looks more like a converted boarding house.
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