Huge and Pocket


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Huge adjective – Unusually large.
Usage example: the old stadium was replaced by a huge new one that seats 100,000 spectators

Pocket is an antonym for huge.
Nearby Words: hugely, hugeness
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Pocket adjective – Of a size that is less than average.
Usage example: a pocket dictionary

Huge is an antonym for pocket in small topic.
Nearby Words: pock, pocketed, pocketing, pocketful
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Both words in one sentence

  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl His wife, Ma Nebraska, basically looks like Gofsef (the giant deformed cyborg who is so huge that Pa rides around in his pocket) with breasts and hair.
  • Little Useless Gun A single shot from a dinky pocket pistol is enough to kill even the huge and fearsome Barry The Baptist
  • Gigantic Gulp It's so huge that Larry starts to wonder how he's going to carry it around...but then he remembers he's in an adventure game and stuffs it in his pocket.
    Source: Gigantic Gulp
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