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Huge adjective – Unusually large.
Usage example: the old stadium was replaced by a huge new one that seats 100,000 spectators

Tremendous is a synonym for huge in enormous topic. In some cases you can use "Tremendous" instead an adjective "Huge", when it comes to topics like immense, size, massive, large. popular alternative
Nearby Words: hugely, hugeness
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Tremendous adjective – Unusually large.
Usage example: that's a tremendous amount of work for one person

Huge is a synonym for tremendous in immense topic. You can use "Huge" instead an adjective "Tremendous", if it concerns topics such as size, massive, large, big. popular alternative
Nearby Word: tremendously
Synonyms for Tremendous

Things that words describes

crush huge crush tremendous crush
power huge power tremendous power
impact huge impact tremendous impact
amount huge amount tremendous amount
Other nouns: variety, number, advantage, case, example, size, influence, mess, explosion, damage, pain, threat, success, boost, ego, amounts.

Both words in one sentence

  • Run down a huge ice slide, up a ramp of ice and jump to fling yourself across a gigantic chasm at tremendous speed, straight into a wall.
  • ABC, for their part, saw many of their once mega-successful programs take a tremendous nosedive in the ratings, which in turn, led to a huge decline in revenue, causing the network to be bought out by a company only a tenth of their size, Capital Cities Communications.
  • Tremendous Jerk Ass who pranks people in the shower, has an ego of the size of Japan itself, chases women around and has been featured in newspapers as a huge pervert... and yet he's a brilliant fighter who works very hard for his prowess and wins every fight he's in.
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