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Hulk noun – A big clumsy often slow-witted person.
Wreck is a synonym for hulk in thing topic. In some cases you can use "Wreck" instead a noun "Hulk", when it comes to topics like lump, carcass, wreckage. popular alternative
Nearby Word: hulking
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Wreck noun – The portion or bits of something left over or behind after it has been destroyed.
Hulk is a synonym for wreck in thing topic. You can use "Hulk" instead a noun "Wreck", if it concerns topics such as carcass, shipwreck, wreckage. popular alternative
Nearby Words: wrecked, wrecker, wreckage, wrecking
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How words are described

burning burning hulk burning wreck
actual actual hulk actual wreck
massive massive hulk massive wreck
pathetic pathetic hulk pathetic wreck
Other adjectives: angry, ruined, broken, inevitable, insane, aforementioned.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Lost Lenore The fact that he couldn't save his wife from a car wreck is what spurs David Banner to gamma experiments in The Incredible Hulk (the TV series).
  • Hollywood Fire In The Incredible Hulk, the Hulk brings down a helicopter which, thanks to the law of conservation of momentum, continues to move toward him and Betty Ross despite being turned into burning wreck.
  • Kung-Fu Sonic Boom More than once, The Hulk has collided with an enemy possessing a comparable level of strength with enough force to wreck surrounding buildings.
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