Humankind and World


Humankind noun - Human beings in general.
Usage example: all humankind shares the desire for peace
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World is a synonym for humankind in humanity topic. In some cases you can use "World" instead a noun "Humankind", when it comes to topics like mankind, culture. popular alternative


World noun - Human beings in general.
Usage example: the whole world is waiting to see how this crisis will play out

Humankind is a synonym for world in humanity topic. You can use "Humankind" instead a noun "World", if it concerns topics such as mankind, culture, everyone, class of existing beings. popular alternative

Nearby Words: worldly, worldling

How words are described

future future humankind future world
original original humankind original world
entire entire humankind entire world
main main humankind main world

Both words in one sentence

  • Bug War Bill Bailey's song "Insect Nation" has the insects declaring war on humanity and enslaving them in revenge for humankind's destruction of the natural world.
    Source: Bug War
  • Video Game / The Talos Principle Elohim - One of many Hebrew names for God, which is used most prominently in the first chapter of Genesis, the beginning of the Garden of Eden narrative in which he creates the world and humankind.
  • Lordgenome may have oppressed humankind, but it turns out he did it to protect the world from the Anti-Spiral, who seek to destroy humankind.
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