Hurt and Injure


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Hurt verb – To reduce the soundness, effectiveness, or perfection of.
Usage example: don't worry that you'll hurt the new lawn by walking across it

Injure is a synonym for hurt in activity topic. In some cases you can use "Injure" instead a verb "Hurt", when it comes to topics like help, action, better, weaken. popular alternative
Nearby Words: hurtful, hurting
Synonyms for Hurt


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Injure verb – To cause bodily damage to.
Usage example: injured himself while skiing

Hurt is a synonym for injure in activity topic. You can use "Hurt" instead a verb "Injure", if it concerns topics such as help, action, better, health. popular alternative
Nearby Words: injury, injurious, injuring
Synonyms for Injure

Common collocations

person hurt person injure person
man hurt man injure man
someone hurt someone injure someone
hand hurt hand injure hand
Other nouns: time, characters, leg, child, anyone, opponent, player, times, anybody, friends, enemies, members.

Both words in one sentence

  • It's literally one of the two known things to be able to injure the resident one (the other being a magic sword specifically designed to hurt him and his subjects).
    Source: Cold Iron
  • Krillin struggled to hurt Vegeta when Vegeta was deliberately standing there wide open so Krillin could injure him so he'd require healing because Vegeta was that much stronger.
  • Like most examples of this trope, if you hurt, injure or kill another cop, no matter who you are, the NYPSD will drop everything to hunt you down.
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