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Hypothetical adjective – Existing only as an assumption or speculation.
Imaginary is a synonym for hypothetical in theoretical topic. In some cases you can use "Imaginary" instead an adjective "Hypothetical", when it comes to topics like supposed, guessed. popular alternative
Nearby Words: hypothesis, hypothetic
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Imaginary adjective – Not real and existing only in the imagination.
Usage example: told by the psychologist that it was perfectly normal for their child to have an imaginary friend

Hypothetical is a synonym for imaginary in supposed topic. You can use "Hypothetical" instead an adjective "Imaginary", if it concerns topics such as fictional, fictitious, virtual. popular alternative
Nearby Words: imagination, imaginative
Synonyms for Imaginary

Things that words describes

people hypothetical people imaginary people
creature hypothetical creature imaginary creature
series hypothetical series imaginary series
future hypothetical future imaginary future
Other nouns: episode, characters, world, game, story, book, conversation, version, brother, sister, events, powers, creatures, scenarios.

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  • Reality Is Out to Lunch A lot of higher mathematics invokes this trope, playing around with imaginary numbers, hypothetical spatial dimensions, and conceptual permutations of infinity.
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