Hypothetical and Real


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Hypothetical adjective – Existing only as an assumption or speculation.
Usage example: we talked about what we would do in various hypothetical emergencies

Real is an antonym for hypothetical in topics: theoretical, guessed.
Nearby Words: hypothesis, hypothetic
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Real adjective – Existing in fact and not merely as a possibility.
Usage example: asked her parents if the Tooth Fairy was real

Hypothetical is an antonym for real.
Nearby Words: realize, realise, reality, realistic, really
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Similar words of hypothetical
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Similar words of real
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Things that words describes

person hypothetical person real person
girl hypothetical girl real girl
life hypothetical life real life
guy hypothetical guy real guy
Other nouns: people, form, possibility, way, example, characters, world, game, story, battle, version, ending, song, murderer, names, events, examples.

Both words in one sentence

  • Expanded Universe: In the hypothetical alternate universe where TST is a real show (inspired by another game's Let's Play posts with the same premise), the series has tons of EU.
  • Series / Yes, Minister The writers also frequently got into trouble for featuring "entirely hypothetical" situations that bore a remarkable similarity to real life events.
  • They're interested in performing legal analysis of hypothetical situations to which real law would apply while alternate settings or time periods would require them to invent law whole cloth.
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